Product, Technical information


About gravure printing

It is the most widely used printing method in the manufacturing industry.
It is a type of intaglio printing, and it is good at expressing colorful colors such as high-precision photographs, and it is used for woodgrain printing of food packaging films / vinyls, furniture and household appliances, as well as printing of art books and photograph collections.

About rotary screen printing

A system in which a cylindrical screen printing plate is used, and a squeegee (tool for extruding ink) is placed inside the printing plate and printing is performed. It is an effective means when it can not print in sheet form.

About crepe processing

Crepe is a crepe-like wrinkle attached when removing paper from a roll, dryer (drying process) with a doctor (scrape).

Crepe paper generically called crepe paper, crepe on paper is called crepe processing.

About emboss processing

Shadows can be made by lifting letters and patterns on the surface of the material.
It is a process that can make flat paper and film float three-dimensionally.
Various expressions are possible by using together with printing and foil stamping.