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Various Films (Films / Functional material)

Polypropylene Films for Process-aid

Building on our technology for manufacturing OPP film for capacitors, we market release film and cover film used in manufacturing processes and other industrial use polypropylenefilm that are required by the rapidly innovating electronics and electric materials industries. Anti-blocking agents, antistatic agents and other chemical additives are normally added to OPP film to obtain the necessary properties.

However, as these agents often interfere with the original properties of film used in electronics materials, there is a compelling need for functional film with a low contamination risk.

Using surface inertness, a normal properties of polypropylene film, We have been able to make release film without a release coating. We can provide products that will meet every conceivable customer need including film with different surface characteristics (super flat or super matte), a fish-eye less type that use surface micro asperities to reduce defects, as well as smooth release film.

Oji F-Tex High performance film

Polyester Films

Our comprehensive range of polyester films cater to every need of our customers. Among them are thin films for capacitors and ink ribbons, thick films for photovoltaic cells, and other specialized films for industrial purposes.

Other Films

Polyethylene films / lcp(liquid crystal polymer film) / psf micro-porous film / polycarbonate films / triacetate films / polyimide films / peek films / polyetherimide films / etfe films / release film for pcb (printed circuit board) / cleaning films for screen printing machines / shrink wrapping films / biodegrable films / corrosion inhibiting films / covering films /protecting films /autohesion masking films