Akihiro Mori

We pride ourselves on history and
continue to create new value.

At present, our world is presented with a diverse and complex range of issues such as climate change, economic disparity, military conflict, human rights, and more. We have witnessed the coronavirus pandemic, an example of an illness that broke out in one part of the world and instantly spread around the globe. Further, in addition to the sacrifice and pain military conflict inflicts on ordinary people, we are also seeing its impact in the form of economic stagnation and supply chain problems.

As we face these unprecedented circumstances, we are painfully aware of the fact that all phenomena are related to each other. Because of uncertainty over the future, it is no longer sufficient for businesses to simply stay with their normal course of action; they must not only adapt to change but also take a more proactive stance to address it.

Our company, established in 1919, began when our founder analyzed a capacitor used in radios and became interested in the paper and metallic foil components inside—happening upon a business opportunity in the process. His foresight and curiosity have had a lasting impact today, more than a century later, as our employees continue to embody these qualities.

Paying attention to the opinions of our business partners—and generating value by staying one step ahead of the trends—is the key to building solid partnerships with them. By continuing to provide all of our business partners with high value-added products and services that mean something to them, we also do our part for broader society.

With all of our employees working together as an integrated whole, our goal is to move forward in line with our company motto: “A trustworthy company with a sound, upbeat working environment.” We thank you always for your ongoing support.