We pride ourselves on history and
continue to create new value.

The origin of Tokyo Sangyo Yoshi Co., Ltd. (TSY) dates back to the 1920s when Keiichi Shimanaka, one of TSY's founders, became intrigued with what was in the capacitor in his radio, took it apart, and found a roll of metal foil and paper. Shimanaka started importing and selling both materials while approaching Nakai Shoten (the predecessor of Japan Pulp and Paper Co., Ltd.) and Oji Paper Co., Ltd. aiming at the domestic production of capacitor paper. The three companies then launched a joint development project. In 1928, Oji Paper Co., Ltd. succeeded in manufacturing the first Japanese-made capacitor paper and TSY became its exclusive distributor. Since then TSY has grown into an established supplier of raw materials in the electronic component industry. We will celebrate the 100-year anniversary since our founding in July 2019. As the roles of trading companies and sales agents have recently been questioned, we clearly see our mission as helping to continue to develop new products as an intermediary between the manufac-turers of various materials and manufacturers of compo-nents and finished products. We aspire to be a reliable, trustworthy trading compan) and sales agent not only in the electronic component industry, but also in many different niche markets. Our management team and employees will join forces to continue to make our utmost efforts to strengthen the win-win relationships among our customers. Your continued support and patronage would be greatly appreciated.

代表取締役社長 菊地 康介