There is a reason to be chosen as
"Tokyo Sangyo Yoshi Co., Ltd. as well"
We mainly deal with materials that make electronic parts such as capacitors,
It is a specialized trading company of electronics materials.
We introduce the "strength of Tokyo Sangyo Yoshi Co., Ltd." that has earned the trust of many customers for many years.

Pride of 100 years of establishment

2019 Our company is 100 years anniversary.

The history of Tokyo Sangyo Yoshi Co., Ltd (TSY) started in 1919, originally named Shimachu Shokai by founder Keiichi Shimachu. Starting by importing capacitor paper for radios, we started to develop our own products with domestic paper companies and businesses. With the creation of the first domestically produced capacitor paper in Japan, our business was able to expand into the sales of other areas of electronic parts and materials.
As we approach our 100 year anniversary, we have established a reputation as a trusted intermediary between material and components manufacturers.

We aim to become a trading company that creates new value.

Our strengths are "reliability" in this market, and "challenging" inherited from the founder's spirit. Each employee not only responds to our clients needs but also suggests solutions to their problems and explores business opportunities with innovative ideas and passion.
By creating "true-value" for our customers, we strive to become a special trading firm of the next generation, awaited not only by the electronics industry but also by the society as a whole.

Specialized trading company of electronic materials

We deal with a wide range of items, mainly capacitor materials.

As an electronics material trading company, we have experience dealing with a wide slate of products ranging from electric and electronic materials to industrial papers. Satisfying both suppliers and buyers as a go-between with our performance, experience and expertise, TSY can provide a level of service general trading companies are unable to accomplish. We have maintained trusted business partnerships with around 100 leading materials manufacturers and around 500 components manufacturers both in and outside Japan.
With recent concerns about environmental responsibility, as well as the need to meet safety standards, quality management and assurance, we provide eco-friendly products for components manufacturers upon request. If you are interested in electronics materials, feel free to contact us.

We are a professional trading company, so we have the ability to propose.

Everyday, we can retain and share the latest market news of the products or trades with the component manufacturers as we closely work together with the major material manufacturers. We are able to actively support component manufacturers by not only providing quality products for the lowest cost possible, but also by recommending the most appropriate materials: this is one of our strength due to our background as a specialized trading company in niche fields.
In addition to being a well-established trader we also offer secondary processing manufacturing.
We have in-house factories providing high quality cutting, as well as being affiliated with specialized technological processing firms. Please let us cater to your every processing need.

Quick Response

We will deliver timely from overseas and all over Japan from our warehouse.

We deliver products throughout the nation since we own our own warehouse, which operates as our logistic hub near Yokohama harbor, one of Japan's major business ports. To deliver products on time, "necessary products in necessary amounts when they become necessary", we developed our logistic system focusing on high quality, high security, and low cost by working with the local delivery networks.

We are confident in human footwork and responsiveness.

Not only responding to numerous requests as fast as possible, we quickly resolve problems for our clients: such quick work is our advantage due to being a mid-size trading firm.

Tokyo Sangyo Yoshi Co,.Ltd highly cherishes partnerships based on humane ties both with material manufacturers and component producers.

Global Network

We will expand globally based in Asia.

We have overseas bases in Taiwan and India, in addition to trading with the customers in Southeast Asia, Taiwan, China, Korea, India and Europe. Focusing on varieties of electronic materials desired by component producers throughout the world, we procure products quickly and efficiently, leading to the timely provision of items enabled through mutual cooperation with local staff members.
Furthermore, through our information networking and marketing tactics, we continue to strive for finding attractive new products through our real time search for new items and materials.