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Slitting and cutting (Order processing / Converting)

About slitting process

It is a processing method of continuously cutting (slitting) a long sheet with a large width (raw material: film, paper, nonwoven fabric etc.) at a certain width and winding it on a roll or reel.

It is a process to make sizes suitable for the intended use (films, paper, adhesive tape, cloth / nonwoven fabric) produced in long and wide conditions.

There are slit type, shear type, leather type etc.

Mihato Co., Ltd. began with small-width cutting of paper and film used to insulate various capacitor for electronic equipment. We have earned high trust with small-width cutting technology accumulated for many years, clean environment and strict quality control system.

Please do not hesitate to consult about small width cutting (paper 4 mm or more, film 4.5 mm or more).

Small width cut product

Separator for electrolytic capacitor / Polyester film / Polypropylene film / Vapor deposited film / Thermal ink ribbon

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